Semi Permanent Cosmetics

Semi Permanent Cosmetics

 We are currently looking for 12 models for Realism brows, £100 with FREE consultation! Using your face's natural shape, hair growth and bone structure to design a perfectly placed brow. Call us on 01214481811 for more infomation.


Micro-pigmentation involves the application of pigment into the skin using specialist equipment and techniques to ensure you recieve a comfortable experience. Needles are used for this procedure but they're different to a needle used for a tattoo as the needles do not penetrate the skin as deep as a body tattoo.


Areas where the permenent Cosmetics can be applied are:


The Eyebrows - Using a hair stroke technique we can offer you a soft textured look in the shape you require. Once the procedure is complete you will no longer need to fill in or draw on your brows, they will be completely waterproof and smudgeproof, it is really amazing the difference this can make to your every day lifestyle.

Hairstroke Eyebrows  - £225.00


Eye Liner - A long lasting enchancement of the lash line to brighten and open up the eye area without the need to apply any makeup everyday.

Eyelash Enhancement Top AND Bottom - £175.00

Eyelash Enhancement Top OR Bottom - £130.00


Lip Liner and Blush - Enhance the shape and colour of your lips with this procedure. Your lips will have great shape and look more full. You choose your colour wether that is something natural or something more striking.

Lip Liner - £150.00

Lip Blush - £225.00




Top Up (4-6 weeks after initial procedure) - £40.00

Colour Boost (6-24 months after initial procedure) - £100 


The last of the procedure depends on each individual; there are many factors that can affect how long the pigment will be retained. As a guide you can expect for it last between 1 and 5 years before a totally new procedure is required however, regular colour boosts are advised as part of a maintenance routine. You will know yourself it is time for your boost when you notice the colour start to fade.


Our technician has recently completed the first level of training at award winning Nouveau's Yorkshire training centre and is currently portfolio and experience building, for this reason we will be offering the above services at a highly discounted rate.


Free consultations are held prior to any procedure being carried out to ensure that you fully understand what the procedure involves and so that our technician understands your requirements. During consultation you can expect to choose colours so if you have an eyebrow pencil or a favourite lipstick feel free to bring those along as a guide!